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But wait, non-MWR content on a MWR site? That’s right, while the information found on this page and on the links below might not be as in-depth as that found under the MWR heading we hope to provide you with a little bit of information that you will find useful during your time here on the “Enchanted Island.”

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[expand title=”Ombudsmen”]

The Coast Guard Ombudsman Program is a Coast Guard wide program established to serve as a link between commands and families that help to ensure Coast Guard families have the information necessary to meet the challenges of a military lifestyle. The ombudsman program assists commanding officers/officers-in-charge (CO/OIC) to have a better understanding of the welfare of the command/unit’s families and better prepare families to meet emergency situations.

Please check with the member’s command to obtain names and contact information for the current Ombudsmen.[/expand]

[expand title=”Community-Run Classes” id=”commfit”]

These programs will change from time to time as people come and go, such is the nature of military. Currently a community member is offering an adult fitness program (12yo+) and a kid’s fitness program.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately the community member running these classes is departing. The final Outdoor Fitness Program will be April 8th. He will continue the Kid’s Class until the end of the school year.

From all of us at MWR and on behalf of the community as a whole a very big “Thank You.”

Tuesday & Friday from 07:15 – 08:15

Monday & Thursday  from 17:00 – 18:00

Kid’s Program on Tuesday at 08:30

Here is some information provided by the trainer himself…

Classes are FREE and you don’t have to commit to attending a certain number – come whenever you’d like!!

It’s typically warm out there!!!  Please pay attention to your hydration.  If you sweat heavily, consider a sports drink with electrolytes.  Remember – sweat is more than just water.

As for weather, I’ll send out updates in case of heavy rains.  If there is a little drizzle, that’s ok, but in case of heavy rain or recent heavy rain, we’ll postpone class to minimize the chance of injuries and to protect the fields from damage.  Also, I plan on adhering to the NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) guidelines for lightning safety.  If there’s thunder, class will be cancelled.  Lightning strikes are a rare but real danger, and if thunder can be heard, the storm is close enough to pose a danger.

[expandsub2 title=”FAQ” tag=”h3″]

What will this class be like?

In this class, we’ll address many different aspects of fitness and conditioning such as strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, and (the new buzz word) metabolic systems development.  Here is how the class will be structured:

  • Warm-up
  • Dynamic flexibility
  • Movement drills
  • Core exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Cardiovascular drills
  • Cool-down/static flexibility

I’ve never done anything like this.  Is this class for me?

Absolutely!!  This class is ideal for all levels and abilities.  Most of the exercises will be based on time, not repetitions – you can work at your own level.

Can kids attend?

This class would be most appropriate for children over 12 years of age.  The exercises aren’t all that difficult, but the organization of the class may be a bit too complex for some kids to follow.  If you’d like to bring your kids, I’d ask that you participate with them.  I often pair up children with parents.  Please ensure that they have athletic footwear – no Crocs, Keens, sandals, etc.  Also note that I teach a Kid’s Fitness Class Tuesday mornings at 8:30.

I have an injury or have problems with my (fill in the blank), can I still participate?

By all means.  However, before you start your first class, please see me to discuss substitutions/modifications to specific exercises.

What do I need to bring?

Here are some things to make class more enjoyable and comfortable:

  • Full water bottle
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Hat
  • Athletic-type shoes (cross-trainers are ideal – they offer more lateral support than running shoes)
  • Beach-type towel or yoga mat.  We will be doing core and other strength exercises on the ground.  A towel will make things more comfortable
  • Hand towel to wipe sweat and to serve as a pad for doing ground-based exercises
  • Bug spray/sunscreen


If you have questions, please check out the CGPR Community Facebook page where community members can assist.


[expand title=”Water Delivery”]

Tap water in RBH meets U.S. water quality standards and therefore is safe to drink; however, some residents prefer to use bottled water delivery service (5 gallon bottles) is available for RBH. One of the residents has been kind enough to place weekly orders on behalf of everyone. Orders are requested every Thursday and delivery occurs the next day. Please check in with Housing or MWR to obtain their contact information.

New Bottles: 12.00

Refills: 3.50[/expand]