Gonzalez Hall Guest Rooms

COVID Guidance for both leisure and TDY Stays
MWR will provide COVID handouts in the room/houses to inform guests of safe practices/procedures.
Please do not travel if you are sick.
MWR will provide sanitizing wipes in the rooms/houses.
Guests will need to wear masks and practice social distancing while outside of their room/house.
The rooms/houses will be extensively sanitized before and after. We will maintain a day or two space between reservations to deeply sanitize.
No MWR employee will be in the premises while guests are staying.
Be advised there is a travel guidance:
The Governor of Puerto Rico has issued an Executive Order effective until December 11, 2020.
Link in Spanish only, no English available:
In summary:
Daily curfew from 2200-0500
Bars will be closed.
Restaurants will be open in a 30% capacity. Delivery and carry out will be available, visit http://www.foodnetpr.com for options.
Gas stations will be open except during curfew hours.
Shopping centers, gyms and casinos will open in a 30% capacity except during curfew hours.
Groceries stores, pharmacies and convenience stores will open except curfew hours.
Beaches are open only for exercise and sporting, not swimming except during curfew hours.
In historic Old San Juan.
A brief morning walk into work, with the ocean breeze blowing through the palm trees. Blocks away from world-renowned restaurants, historical sites, and local-owned shops of the cobbled streets of Old San Juan. Gonzalez Hall at Sector San Juan offers unequaled stress-free accommodations, available to all branches of the Armed Forces as well as federal government employees who want to enjoy Old San Juan. Ten fully-furnished, smoke-free rooms are offered including three suites. For the benefit of all guests, the rooms are pet-free.

Please email or call 787.774.0298 ext. 2118 (options 4 then 2) if you have any questions or to make reservations.