Small Watercraft Program

How to rent?

  1. Submit the Watercraft Operating AgreementFloat Plan Form and Rental Agreement.
  2. Payment can be processed at the San Juan MWR Satellite Office, open Monday and Friday: 0900-1300 hrs and Tuesday thru Thursday: 1000-1400 hrs, or at the Main Office at RBH, pen Monday through Friday: 0700 – 1530 hrs
  3. Pay all fees before check out of equipment.
  4. Enjoy the equipment, and be safe.
  5. Turn in the cleaned equipment back. If not returned on time, daily rate applies.
  • Available to all USCG Active Duty Members, USCG Reservists, USCG Civilians and USCG Dependents (dependents under the age of 18 are not authorized to execute a rental agreement, but they are authorized to use the small watercraft under the supervision of a responsible adult).

In order to participate in this program you will need proof of one of the following:

Watercraft Equipment

Item(s) Daily  Rate Weekend
Kayak (w/ life vest, leash, seat, and paddles) 20.00 30.00
Paddle board (w/ leash, paddle, and board bag) 20.00 30.00

Sector San Juan MWR Small Watercraft Operating Procedures and Guidelines