The Wee Bag Band 🗓

@Rio Bayamon Housing Pool

This is the Wee Big Band 3rd visit to Sector SJ and we are excited to have them! A Great Musical Performance that you don’t want to miss! That said don’t stay at home and enjoy Great Music, Great Company and a Great BBQ. See you there!

The below is courtesy of Armed Forces Entertainment.

Wee Bag Band consists of five musicians: Paul Bassom, Rory McGough, Steve Owen, Alan Colinson and Julian Anderson. From time to time they have the odd (sometimes very odd) musician join them .Paul and Rory met in back in 1993 and hit it off. Problem was that at the time Rory was based in Denbigh while Paul was based in London. In 1998, Paul moved up to Denbugh allowing them more time to develop their musical style. Since 2001 they have been playing in pubs and clubs in and around North Wales. Wanting to create a more dynamic sound Mark and Alan joined in 2003. With the introduction of Jules the Fiddle in 2007, Steve replacing Mark on the bass in 2011, Jim the Flute and Terry the Whistle joining us from time to time, the band were often seen out and about as a five and six piece and capable of delivering the dynamic and energetoc sound that is unique to Irish Music.


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