Looking to throw a big-‘ol shindig, maybe a small arts and crafts party for the kids, or better yet, a pool party for any reason? This is the place.

Large Activity Room (LAR)

  • Great for big parties and movies
  • Sound System
  • Projector
  • Kitchen
  • Adjacent to exterior patio and playground
  • Available for community or special interest functions (with¬†Active Duty sponsorship)
  • A refundable deposit is required
  • Additional fees may apply
  • Request LAR or SAR Reservations form

Small Activity Room (SAR)

  • Perfect for intimate meetings or small group activities
  • Comfortable seating
  • Audio/Video equipment, including projector
  • Request LAR or SAR Reservations form


  • Gazebo
  • Picnic area
  • Sound system
  • Water slide
  • For all parties, area must be cleaned completely by licensee and not by lifeguards.
  • Renting the pool does not grant exclusive use
  • Check it all out here
  • Request Pool Reservations form