Recreational Equipment Rental

Need some equipment? We got you covered!

How to rent?

  1. Submit a completed form in the forms section.
  2. Pick up the equipment at a MWR office. Sometimes there will be conflicts with official events; if equipment you are requesting is not available MWR staff will contact you.
  3. If you are picking it up at the Satellite Office please call for availability. Some items will have to be brought from RBH, please allow up to two business day for delivery.
  4. Enjoy the equipment, and be safe.
  5. Turn in the cleaned equipment back by the deadline and settle the balance.
  • All fees are paid after the equipment is returned.

Sports Equipment

Item(s) Daily
Balls (for basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis (x3), etc.) Sign Out Sign Out
1 Tennis Racquet Sign Out Sign Out
Pop Corn Machine 5.00 7.00
Snorkeling set 7.00 10.00
Boogie Board 7.00 10.00

Miscellaneous Equipment

Item(s) Daily
Rectangular Tables (Pending Avail.) 2.50 3.75
Plastic Chairs (Pending Avail.) 1.00 1.50
Coolers and Water Jugs 5.00 7.50
Propane Gas (Standard rate regardless of used amount) 10.00 15.00